the day started with a morning run, HOT. after that we spent abn hour by the poolside until Sarah brother came home to drve us down to Pismo beach. Sandy! Windy! i was so tempted to surf, it wasn't even funny,if i only ad a surf oard and my wet suit with me. after that we went to the farmers market downtown. Our night was spent there, to follow up with a stop at he Madonna inn(hotel) the play boy bunnie went there ne episode of their show and since her brother lives basically next door we hoped to also get toured around the different themed rooms. After that we hopped the fence to sneak into the neighbor hoods pool, JACUZZI! now we'r going to do something and then watch a movie.

Postat av: juliaaaa

åh amanda, det var så länge sedan jag hörde dig skratta! jag blir helt tårögd på grund av att jag saknar dig så mycket, men samtidigt för att du är lycklig! jag älskar dig!

2009-08-01 @ 17:46:21

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